I am an aspiring writer and in the past I’ve had a handful of other blogs. We don’t really talk about those much. I’m brash and blunt and a bit too full of myself for my own good. I’m one of those people who never learned to shut their mouth when too much has been said, you can probably tell that by flicking casually through anything I’ve written. Besides using this blog to refine my writing style, I think it can also be used to read the opinions of others to expand my own horizons and make my own opinions. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking; who knows?

Either way, I’m not entirely sure what you would want to know about someone like me when you read their blog. I mean, do you want to hear that I’m about 6’1″ and a little on the thin side, but that I’m slowly working on bulking up? That I try to write at least 1,000 words a day or read as much as possible? Would you like to hear how much of a moron I can be when it seems fun? Or that I can over react to situations unintentionally? Nah, I doubt it; I mean, if you’re reading this, I’m sure you don’t want my sob story of a biography so I won’t ask you to put yourself through it!